Youth/After School Program

Program Mission: The youth program serves children with developmental or intellectual disabilities and their families, provides after-school programs and activities, and helps youth develop positive social-emotional skills.

Program Vision: Youth with all abilities are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential and transform their communities.

Program Values: Inclusion, collaboration, leadership, compassion, equity, tolerance, independence, empathy, community, self-awareness

What is ODMF’s Youth Program?

Our youth program provides quality educational, recreational, social, and emotional activities to culturally/linguistically diverse youth and their families. We serve youth from 5 to 13 years old with IEPs or 504 plans in the King County area. Through our program, the students will learn positive peer communication, independent life skills, and self-advocacy skills.

Who do we serve?

Our program serves youth ages 5 to 13 with IEPs or 504 plans in the King County area, and their families.

What programs and activities do we provide?

  • Virtual Friendship Circle (see program calendar)
  • Case management¬†
  • 1:1 support to students/their families¬†
  • Resources referral
  • Information assistance

What do students say about the Youth Program?

I like making new friends.

A student, age 9

“I feel happy when I come to friendship circle. I like to dance.”

A student, age 10

“It’s fun! I like to dance. They go to my school.”

A student, age 12

If you want to join our After School Program, please fill this form. If you are interested or have any questions about our program, please contact Safio Abdi, 253.394.8945 or email at