For adults with disabilities and their caregivers, and seniors facing aging & disabilities issues

Our Purpose

       The Aging and Disability Services (ADS) program aims to connect adults with disabilities and their caregivers to resources and support. The program provides information, assistance, and consultation, Person-Centered Option Counseling/Planning, caregiver support groups and training, supplemental fund for medical equipment/supplies/class fees, house chore support, and respite services. Services are provided in the family’s most comfortable language when possible.


       We are a part of the Community Living Connections (CLC) network, which provides information and assistance accessing community resources, individual consultation and help planning for long-term care needs, and access to family caregiver support services for individuals facing aging or disability issues.

You are qualified for the ADS Program, if you are

  • an adult with disability (older than 18 years) or senior with disability or health issues.
  • a non-paid caregiver for an adult with disability (older than 18 years) or senior with disability or health issues.

If you are interested in enrolling in the program and receiving services, or want to know more about the program and services, please click here to leave your contact information.

Growing Together

       Growing Together is designed to create opportunities for Caregivers and Care Receivers to combat isolation and burnout together. 

       The program provides (1) a day program for adults with disabilities and (2) caregiver support group meetings. 

       The goal of the program is “Growth.” We desire our adults with disabilities to grow in their life skills, social skills, self-esteem, and much more. Also, we hope to see participants growing out of any challenges they go through. 

You are qualified for the Growing Together program: 

  • Low-income disability and their Caregivers
  • 18 +

If you are interested in joining the program, please contact Eugene Choi, 253.886.0867, or email at

Program Overview: 


  • Quarterly Support Group Meeting
  • The meeting is to give caregivers emotional support and community to combat their isolation and burnout

Adults with Disability: 

  • Daily Living Activities
  • Recreational Activities