The 2019 Legislative Session has begun and we have exciting news to share with you!

Language Access Bill (HB 1130)

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Over the years, our culturally and linguistically diverse families have told us that they routinely experience difficulty communicating with their children’s school teachers and staff. Across the state, immigrant and refugee families experience similar language and cultural barriers in our schools everyday.  We can change that.

Our culturally-rich families have a right to meaningful, two-way communication between school staff and families, defined as Language Access in schools. Language Access not only promotes equitable access to education, but it’s the law.

We have been working with our state legislators to submit a bill that will improve Language Access in our schools.  Thank you Representative Tina Orwall (33rd) and Senator Lisa Wellman (41st)! This Legislative Session, our state legislators have the opportunity to pass bills in the House and Senate to support our diverse families in schools: House Bill 1130 and Senate Bill 5606. These Bills will 1.) train school staff on how to access and work with interpreters in a way that engages families, 2.) track school progress and 3.) create a curriculum to train interpreters to work effectively in schools.

If you, like us, believe that immigrant and refugee families families deserve to know what is happening in their children’s schools, please contact your legislators by calling or commenting on these bills:

Call the Legislative Hotline 1-800-562-6000, M-F 8am-7am. Ask for an interpreter.

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