Open Doors for Multicultural Families Receives $50,000 Through BECU’s Annual People Helping People Awards

SEATTLE (December 6, 2017) —Last night BECU announced the winners of its 2017 People Helping People Awards, recognizing BECU members and the non-profits they support with their time, talents and donations. At the ceremony, Open Doors for Multicultural Families (ODMF or Open Doors) received BECU’s Member Volunteer of the Year award and was granted $50,000 for its efforts providing support for diverse families with family members who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.

“The remarkable work these organizations accomplish in our communities is as inspiring as it is impactful,” said Tom Berquist, senior vice president of Marketing and Cooperative Affairs, BECU. “These awards support and celebrate the causes our members are most passionate about. For BECU, People Helping People is more than just a phrase; it’s part of our mission, part of our culture and how we show up for our members.”

This year, more than 230 BECU members nominated their favorite, local non-profits serving the Puget Sound region and beyond. The winning organizations are tackling a broad range of important issues including homelessness, healthcare, education, poverty and hunger.

By being recognized as one of BECU’s People Helping People recipients, Open Doors joins a group of 17 other non-profit organizations that support causes BECU members are passionate about. At the ceremony, organizations received awards ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 in five categories: Member Volunteer of the Year, People’s Choice, Employee’s Choice, Past People Helping People Recipient’s Choice and Community Benefit.

In addition to the funds given to this year’s award winners, BECU is also granting $3,000 to all past People Helping People Award recipients for a total of $153,000 in further giving. Funding for the People Helping People Awards tripled this year due to BECU’s “Make a Purchase. Make a Difference” campaign. This two-month initiative encouraged BECU members to embrace the people helping people philosophy by helping to raise funds by simply using their BECU Debit Mastercard. For every purchase made with the card, BECU donated one cent toward the People Helping People Awards.